Hey ! I'm happy you choose AlienRewards to earn free robux. So, if you want free robux here is how it works: Complete offers, watch videos, download apps, do quizzes and more !!! You can also invite your friends with your referral link and earn 10% of their earnings.
Absolutely not ! Our reward site is working and we have thousands of happy members! Our site is profitable and the completed offers are used to pay the robux. Join our DISCORD for proof !
We ask for your Roblox username to give your robux. We won't hack it or ask for your password.
Technically, we do not give free robux (except for contests) because you have to earn them by completing offers.
If you have completed an offer, you will not be rewarded if you have activated any kind of Adblock, VPN or proxy. Some offers may take a time to be rewarded. It can take from 1 to 12 hours. Offers must be completed by following all the instructions. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you do everything they ask!

- You have to get 100% on the quizzes otherwise it won't work.
- Complete surveys with information that makes sense.
Only do this if you are 200% sure you have waited 24 hours and you haven't completed the offer in the past! To contact the offerwall you have to visit our 'Earn Points' page. Above the offers on the top right there is an orange button that says 'Support' When you click on the button you will be prompted with all the offers you have completed or viewd, at the end of the offer there should be a 'Support' collum. Click 'Contact' and choose the offer you are having problems with. You will then need to provide evidence of completing the offer. If you have to contact the offerwall we won't be able to help you anymore, and the final decision is on them. We are two different companies and they are simply our partners therefore we will not have any say in the final decision of if you will be credited or not but rest assured that our partners will be dilighted to help you out and will be more then fair!
Of course! But there are some requirements first! You must have at least 800 views per video and more than 10 videos! If you have a lot of subscribers, we can pay you !
Of course we do! We host multiple giveaways weekly giving away hundreds of robux on our Discord server ! Join our DISCORD to enter the new giveaways.
We release promocodes when we host events, but sometimes we may release them at random! Join our discord server and follow our social media accounts to not miss out on all the fun and promo codes!
To be able to use a promocode you will need to have completed at least two offers but remember, promo codes can only be used once! If you need help, don't forget to join our DISCORD !
This is a very rare problem, to solve it you have to join and ask an administrator on our DISCORD server.
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We have hundreds of satisfied and thankful members! Feel free to join our DISCORD and ask around!